Kiteloop house

Bed & breakfast

It is only 15 minutes walking from the beach. You cannot find a place to stay that is closer than this, and it is truly a beautiful one.

  • En suite accommodation
  • 2 or 3 beds, fridge, shared kitchenette
    Cozy terrace and courtyard
    Fast WiFi

For all booking requests we require 20% deposit.

1 bedroom, double bed, aircondition, own terrace.
1 bedroom, double and single beds, aircondition, own terrace
2 bedrooms, double and single beds, own terrace
1 bedroom, 2 single beds
1 bedroom, double and single beds

beach camp

our 400 Billion Star hotel

Ah, camping at the beach. Sea, sand, sun, brilliant sunsets and dark skies.

Kiteloop Beach Camp is truly unique accommodation — a place to relax; a place away from the rat race.

From sunrise to sunset you can be sure to hear the gentle sound of the sea and the song of birds.

Enjoy your stay being in the front row.


near kitesurfing beach

Looking for something else? We can help you book accommodation near kitesurfing beach.

For all booking requests we require 50% deposit.