Beach rules

The Kiteloop kiteboarding zone is private and exclusively used by club members and kiteboarding school students. The club reserves the right to admission. During the summer you can kite in an authorized area and enjoy the services we have: rescue boat, compressor, equipment storage, wc, shower, and bar.

  • Do not enter or exit in the school zone
  • Always use the corridor for entry and exit from the water
  • Do not use the corridor for tricks or jumps
  • Ride at least 50m from the beach
  • No activity or actions that may cause a problem for other users
  • Not respecting these rules may result in expulsion from the zone


  • Exclusive use for Kiteloop Center students that are currently doing a course
  • Viewers / swimmers must remain outside the security perimeter


  • The area is marked by a channel to be used solely for entry and exit from the water and NEVER to be used to perform any manoeuvres (or jumps).
kiteboarding beach rules