Flight School

strapless kite foil carving upwind

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Freedom of movement

Open up the next chapter in kiteboarding experience

Good time to start with foiling lessons is when you can confidently:

  • Ride without crashing your kite
  • Successfully relaunch
  • Stay upwind
  • Ride underpowered
  • Ride overpowered

Foil lessons


discover foiling

Beginners course
This is two stage course. Be prepared for back to the beginning stuff, learning how to carry the foil board, body dragging and water start.

Once you are up on the board, you will learn to control the speed, the lift and last but definitelly not the least, crashing.


15″ and 24″ mast
6 hours
IKO Level 5

Falling in love

Intermediate course
After working your way through the essentials it is time to enjoy your extended rides, or flights so to say.

As you fly, understanding of edging, carving upwind, cruising downwind and your first transitions will make your day.


30″ mast
3 hours
IKO Level 5

Hooked for good

Advanced course

Dolphin pumping
Tacking and Jibing
Sitting on foil board
Heel to toe tack

35.5″ mast
IKO Level 5

Good to know

Kite foiling is an extreme sport

Safety and learning curve depends on choosing the right kiteboarding school. Please read before you choose where to take your kiteboarding lessons.

Remember, fun & safety go together.

Foil test center

Choose your weapon

  • Crazyfly
  • strapless carbon boards
  • Duotone
  • surf foil
  • Slingshot
  • flight school mast package
  • Chaba hydrofoils
  • lightest of the light