Right of way

respect the others

Respecting a few priority rules helps prevent accidents on the beach and on the water. Make sure you and your fellow riders understand these internationally accepted right of way rules.

Rule #1
The rider entering the water from the beach has right of way over the incoming rider.

Rule #2
Starboard rider (kite on the right-hand side) has priority over the oncoming rider and should keep his course, speed and heading to allow the other rider to avoid him.

If you are passing upwind, keep your kite HIGH.

If you are passing downwind, keep your kite LOW.

Rule #3
When two riders are traveling in the same direction, the faster rider coming up from behind must
 give way to the slower rider in front.

Rule #4
The rider surfing a wave has priority over the one who is jumping or going in the opposite direction.

Rule #5
Right of way must be given to other ocean and beach users. Kiteboarders must travel downwind of them.

Rule #6
To jump, a rider must have a clear safety zone of 50m downwind and 30m upwind.