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Cheap flights to Montenegro

We compiled a shortlist of budget airline companies flying to Montenegro during the summer months. TUI Airways (TUI) EasyJet (go to website) Eurowings (go to website) WizzAir (go to website) Jet2 (go to website) – flying from the UK to Dubrovnik, Croatia Ryanair (go to website) Once you arrive, we can organize a transfer from Podgorica or ... Read more

North and Duotone kites – Sale!!!

Kites Year Model Size Condition Pcs Price 2016 North Neo 9 1 350 € 2017 North Mono 5 1 550 € 2018 North Evo 9 1 700 € 2019 Duotone Neo 9 2 800 € 2019 Duotone Neo 10 New 1 1000 € 2019 Duotone Neo 10 1 900 € 2019 Duotone Neo 11 New 1 1100 € 2019 Duotone Neo 12 ... Read more

2019 Discounts for AITC and ITC

The first two who catch the train get 10% discount on IKO professional courses (AITC+ and ITC), so hurry up. The total price is 1.100€. AITC+ is held from 5.Sep to 9.Sep.2019 ITC is held right after AITC+, from 10.Sep to 15.Sep.2019 Book the course Read more about: how to become IKO kitesurfing instructor Kitesurfing ... Read more

2018 North kites – Sale!!!

We are selling almost new equipment, used only for rental from June until the end of August 2018. 2018 North Neo 9 + Quad bar 24 freeride 940€ 2018 North Neo 11 + Quad bar 24 freeride 1000€ 2018 North Neo 12 + Quad bar 24 freeride 1050€ 2018 North Evo 9 + Quad bar ... Read more

2018 Discounts for AITC Plus and ITC

The first two who catch the train get the large discount on IKO professional courses (AITC+ and ITC), so hurry up. AITC+ is held from 17.Aug to 21.Aug.2018 ITC is held right after AITC+, from 22.Aug to 26.Aug.2018 – 20% discount for the first candidate to apply for AITC+ and ITC (1.008€) – Book Now ... Read more

Summer 2017 Gallery

Hello everybody, here is another album with pictures from 2017 kitesurfing summer season. And as usual, it makes us happy to share them with all of you. If you find yourself on some of them feel free to download from our Flickr albums. All the best and hope to see you again. [FAG id=5212]

2017 Discounts for AITC Plus, ITC and ATTC

Starting this season IKO professional courses, namely Assistant instructor training course (AITC+)900 and Assistant trainer training course (ATTC) received a massive upgrade in terms of content, duration and price. Duration of both AITC+ and ATTC went up to five(5) days as well as their price. AITC alone now costs 420€ and ATTC costs 780€. The ... Read more

Kitesurfing instructor training packages

You made a decision to become kitesurfing instructor and visit Montenegro. Welcoming fellow kitesurfer into the worldwide community of professional kiteboarding always makes us very happy. To make your life a little easier we prepared three kitesurfing instructor training packages. Once you pick the package that suits you the best all you have to do ... Read more

IKO Professional training courses

We are announcing IKO professional training courses for 2017 season. The kitesurfing training is held at Kiteloop Center, near Ulcinj, Montenegro.

Kiteloop / Ada Bojana, 2010 season

Blast from the past. [youtube id=”CAs9dCTiy4w” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]