Kitesurfing instructor training packages

You made a decision to become kitesurfing instructor and visit Montenegro. Welcoming fellow kitesurfer into the worldwide community of professional kiteboarding always makes us very happy.

To make your life a little easier we prepared three kitesurfing instructor training packages. Once you pick the package that suits you the best all you have to do is to study for the ITC exams. We will take care of all the rest.

ITC Apartment package


Airport transfer (Cheap flights to Montenegro)
10 nights apartment accommodation
Half-board (breakfast and lunch)
First Aid CPR course


ITC Beach Camp package


Airport transfer (Cheap flights to Montenegro)
10 nights beach camp accommodation
Half-board (breakfast and lunch)
First Aid CPR course

To ensure you are well prepared for the ITC we also included pre course training in the following package:

Pre ITC two weeks package


Airport transfer (Cheap flights to Montenegro)
13 nights apartment accommodation
Half-board (breakfast and lunch)
6 hours private pre ITC training (*)
Equipment storage box
First Aid CPR course


  • Trimming the kite
  • Choosing adequate equipment
  • Correct equipment setup
  • Self-launching
  • Self-landing
  • Right Of Way (R.O.W.) rules
  • Riding upwind
  • Jibe
  • Landing a jump with grab
  • Going upwind in a toe-side position
  • Recovering a board in deep water
  • Recovering a rider in deep water
  • Correctly performing self-rescue
  • Passing/taking the kite to/from someone

What happens if I do not pass the exam or fail for some reason?

There are circumstances when some or all candidates are not validated as instructors after the course. In such case an examiner will assign you a certain amount of shadowing hours. It is nothing to worry about.

What is shadowing?

Shadowing means that you will need to teach under the supervision of an IKO Level 2 Instructor or higher for a designated amount of time. Following the ITC, you must successfully complete the assigned shadowing in order to become validated as a Level 1 Instructor.

That is where we are happy to help you and to relieve you the pain of looking for an IKO centre or Level 2 instructor to help you complete our shadowing. You can simply stay with us and our L2 and L3 instructors will be there to help you. The shadowing training is free of charge at Kiteloop. You will even get paid to cover some of your expenses.

After you complete your shadowing hours our supervising Instructor will submit a passing Improvement Recognition Form to the IKO and confirm to the ITC Examiner that the shadowing was successfully completed.

What to bring

  • Your own kitesurfing equipment
  • Wetsuit
  • A valid first aid certificate unless undertaking a course with us
  • An Assistant Instructor qualification unless taking the AITC+ with us

If you do not have all the equipment yourself, or you cannot bring it due to travel restrictions, you can rent our equipment for the parts of the course where it is required. Please let us know before the course.

Jobs and internships

Kiteloop is looking to hire one successful candidate for the 2018 season. You can read more about Kiteloop’s Kitesurfing instructor job offer.