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2017 Discounts for AITC Plus, ITC and ATTC

Starting this season IKO professional courses, namely Assistant instructor training course (AITC+)900 and Assistant trainer training course (ATTC) received a massive upgrade in terms of content, duration and price. Duration of both AITC+ and ATTC went up to five(5) days as well as their price. AITC alone now costs 420€ and ATTC costs 780€. The ... Read more

Kitesurfing instructor training packages

You made a decision to become kitesurfing instructor and visit Montenegro. Welcoming fellow kitesurfer into the worldwide community of professional kiteboarding always makes us very happy. To make your life a little easier we prepared three kitesurfing instructor training packages. Once you pick the package that suits you the best all you have to do ... Read more

Second Round of 2014 IKO Instructor Training Course

First round of 2014 ITC is fully booked. We wish all instructor candidates to enjoy the training, successfuly pass the exam and a lot of good wind. We are announcing the second round of ITC which will begin on 31.Aug.2014 and held at Kiteloop Center, near Ulcinj, Montenegro. Instructor candidates for the second round should ... Read more

Perfect spot to watch and enjoy supermoon phenomena

We got lucky. Two nights ago, on 14.July, we had a chance to sit on the beach entirely lit by supermoon.

Southern Soul Festival Montenegro

In seven days, from June 26.-29. 2014, our good friends and neighbors at Dolcinium Club, will be hosting the second edition of Southern Soul Festival Montenegro. Four festival days will bring together all kiteboarders, soul, jazz, disco and house lovers. The festival will be held at the famous kiteboarding spot, Velika Plaza near Ulcinj, Montenegro. ... Read more