Summer 2016 Gallery

Hello everybody, we compiled an album with pictures from 2016 kitesurfing summer season. It makes us happy to share them with all of you. If you find yourself on some of them feel free to download from our Flickr albums. All the best and hope to see you again. [FAG id=5033]

Instructor job vacancy

Kiteloop is looking for two kitesurfing instructors (IKO L1, L2 or L3) speaking fluent English, and at least one of following languages: – German – Swedish – Norwegian You can read more about us and about our location Ulcinj, Velika plaža and Ada Bojana. Job is from 1.June to 31.August. SUP and/or hydrofoil skills are … Read more

Kiteloop Beach Bar

Wrapped in palm leaves and cane, Kiteloop beach bar is perfect for you to enjoy hanging out with the rest of the beach people or share kiteboarding experience. The beach bar is located in front of main kiteboarding spot with great view of all those pretty boys and girls learning or doing kiteboarding tricks and jumps. We will make sure you enjoy the view from relaxed open air seating, protected from the wind and sun too, if you want it.
It is needless to ask if you like laid-back atmosphere, tasty food during the day, and cold drinks into the night, apart from spending a day in the water, is it?

In case it is not, tables with scientifically integrated board games and hand-crafted figurines are waiting for you and your old or newly met friends to spend time playing and laughing while you get high on the music.
As we love music as much as you do, we often let you choose the mood of the day so it is a frequent occurrence that one regular afternoon turns into renown Kiteloop full beach party.


This is truly the beach bar.

Exploring Montenegro

Montenegro has really developed as an ‘Adventure Tourism’ destination in recent years. A number of companies have invested in training and equipment to provide: white water rafting (along Europe’s deepest canyon), kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, scuba diving, sailing,  hiking or paragliding. Bird watching Ulcinj Saltpans, immediately east of the Ulcinj Town, consist of series of … Read more

Eating out in Ulcinj

In and out of Ulcinj you can find a lot of supermarkets, bakeries, fast food joints and restaurants. Restaurants serve a wide range of food, from traditional Montenegrin cuisine, Mediterranean to standard European cuisine. Restaurants on Bojana river Most of the restaurants on Bojana river are serving tasty, fresh and locally caught fish from the sea, river … Read more

How to choose kitesurfing school and what to look for

Every kiteboarding school will tell you the same story that they have the best qualified instructors and safety comes first blah, blah, etc etc. The reality is though that most schools do not employ professional instructors they just use any kitesurfers they know who are available to do the lessons to prolong their holidays. Look … Read more

Second Round of 2014 IKO Instructor Training Course

First round of 2014 ITC is fully booked. We wish all instructor candidates to enjoy the training, successfuly pass the exam and a lot of good wind. We are announcing the second round of ITC which will begin on 31.Aug.2014 and held at Kiteloop Center, near Ulcinj, Montenegro. Instructor candidates for the second round should … Read more