Exploring Montenegro

Montenegro has really developed as an ‘Adventure Tourism’ destination in recent years. A number of companies have invested in training and equipment to provide: white water rafting (along Europe’s deepest canyon), kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, scuba diving, sailing,  hiking or paragliding.

Bird watching

Ulcinj Saltpans, immediately east of the Ulcinj Town, consist of series of shallow pans, largely without vegetation, where 241 bird species were recorded, including Dalmatian Pelicans and Greater Flamingos.

Velika Plaza & Ada Bojana, south of the Ulcinj Town, are two important areas. Velika Plaza is bordered with sand dunes and adjoining grassland, forests and wetlands and is an important breeding area and migration stopover.  

Ulcinj (old town)

The Old Town in Ulcinj is one of the oldest urban architectural complexes along the Adriatic Sea. It is a unique opinion that the Old Town represents a cultural-historical monument of invaluable significance due to its Illyrian walls, its citadel, the street net, the markets and squares, some house blocks and some valuable architectural edifices.

Nudist beach on Ada

The Nudist settlement on Ada with its specific atmosphere is smartly hidden from the curious looks and it is encircled by the beautiful river Bojana  from two sides and the third side borders with the cleanest sea water. Many people say that the best recommendation for the tourists who would like to visit Ada is the advice: Should you ever want to spend your dream summer vacation in the costumes of Adam and Eve, then Ada Bojana is the best choice.

National park Skadarsko lake

Lies on the border of Albania and Montenegro, the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula.

Old town Bar

Old Bar – Antibaris Fortress is the historic spot of the town of Bar, situated on a 4-hectare hilltop. The fortress is now an open-air museum and the largest and the most important Medieval archaeological site in the Balkans. Over an area of 4,5 hectares, remains of some 600 public and sacral buildings bear witness to the cultural and architectural significance of all periods of the Mediterranean history.

Valdanos beach and olive forest

The olive grove in Valdanos is the biggest living monument of olive cultivation in Montenegro with extraordinary economic and ecological value. There are about 18 thousand olive trees, which are on average 800 years old, and according to the Law on olive cultivation in Montenegro, it has been put under special protection of the state. Many trees are older than two thousand years.

Ženska plaža (Ladies Beach)

Its water is often recommended by doctors for treating sterility due to its mineral springs located in the shallower areas of the water. 

The thermal water was first tested 81 years ago, and its useful effects were soon announced to the public. The sulphur beach is located in the cove, in the midst of a pine forest which represents an ideal environment for treating specific diseases with natural factors.

It is widely practiced that barren women come to sunbathe on the women’s beach very early in the morning, and also often swim nude in the water. From May to October, the beach is mostly visited by women. The greatest enjoyment is coming early in the morning and feeling the mixed scent of dense pine trees and of water rich with minerals. You can almost feel your lungs expanding. A cave which is also a part of the beach gives a mysterious note to the entire area.