Step by step guide to becoming an IKO Instructor

Every summer, Kiteloop is organising Instructor Training Course (ITC) for all kiteboarding schools from Ulcinj and beyond.

The Instructor Training Course (ITC) – an intense 5-day program run by an IKO Examiner, invited by Kiteloop, designed to train and certify Candidates as IKO Instructors.

This is what you need to do:
(in case you already have Assistant instructor certification skip to step 5):

  1. Become IKO member
  2. Buy Assistant Instructor Manual (link)
  3. Sign up for AITC at Kiteloop
  4. Attend and pass AITC Exam
  5. Apply for ITC at Kiteloop
  6. Pass online pre ITC Exam
  7. Attend and pass ITC training and Exam at Kiteloop
  8. Receive your IKO PRO Team Membership Card


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a certified IKO kiteboarder/snowkiter Level 3N with the ability of jumping and grab, toe side riding upwind, board recovery in deep water, rider recovery body dragging, able to make a self-rescue in deep water, self-launching and self-landing (evaluated during ITC).
  • Have an IKO Assistant Instructor certification. You can get one at Kiteloop.
  • Have a valid First Aid and CPR certificate or have completed it before the ITC with an IKO Examiner running the course.
  • Complete the online Pre-ITC course.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak fluently the language the course is given.
  • Sign the IKO Pro Course Waiver.

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